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Question   2015 Special Olympic Pics
Great Pics , thank you so very much for giving me your website . All of you pics are great , thank you again . Wendy , Assist Coach for Clinton County B Team

- wendy seyler June 13, 2015

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Question   Umpire Pictures
Great Pics!

- Lois Chambers March 14, 2013

  Answer Thank you, Lois
I've got to get some photos of you this summer.

- William C. Raco  March 14, 2013

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Question   JoePa Photos

Loved the collection of photos at the Joe Paterno statue. Very nice, very moving.


- Mark Raco January 24, 2012

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Question   Just Checking In!
Hey good looking! Just checking things out here! ... very impressive indeed! Wanted to touch base and make sure you were still making people happy with your outstanding talent, Bill.

The happiest of Holidays (they will be here before we know it!)

- Judy Thompson November 07, 2011

  Answer Hi Judy!

Thanks for checking in.
Please keep in touch.

Best wishes

- William C. Raco  November 09, 2011

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Question   You are amazing!
Your pictures are absolutely amazing, Yankee Boy. I love the one of Noah cutting the tree.......what a HUNK!

-  September 18, 2011

  Answer Thank you, Belle
It's always a pleasure to hear from you

- William C. Raco  September 19, 2011

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Question   Long time friend
Hey stranger. I thought I would drop by and say hello. It has been some time since I last saw any of your work, and I am truly amazed. Very professional work. Take care. If want to visit my new site it is garophotography.smugmug.com.
It is new, so not a whole lot of images up yet.

- Gary Marshall December 29, 2010

  Answer Thanks a lot, Gary
I haven't posted much at BP lately.
I've been doing custom work and haven't had time to shoot much otherwise.
I'll be around soon to see your new site.
Best wishes, and Happy New Year!


- William C. Raco  December 30, 2010

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Question   Morgan
Hi Bill.
Thank you for the beautiful senior photos of my niece, Morgan. It's very difficult picking a favorite! You've captured the many facets of our gorgeous girl. My father, Ed, would have been over the moon! Outstanding job.

Lynne Moltz Stout

- Lynne Stout October 20, 2010

  Answer Thank you, Lynne.
Morgan is a beautiful young lady, and a natural model.
She made my job easy.

- William C. Raco  October 21, 2010

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Question   Nice Pix
Willie, I always enjoy checking our your pix. Good job.

Bro. Mark

- Mark Raco August 06, 2010

  Answer Thanks Mark
Hope to see you and the kids soon

- William C. Raco  October 21, 2010

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Question   Outstanding site Bill
Hi Bill, What a wonderful site you have here, just maybe one of these days I'll get something like this.
Your work is as always excellent. I enjoyed browsing your photos like always.
What else can I say Bill, you are just a good buddy and a gentlemen.

- Joe Marasco March 22, 2010

  Answer Thank you, Joe
You have some great shots of your own.
It's always a pleasure to shoot with you.
Hopefully, we'll do even more together this summer.

-  March 22, 2010

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Question   ?
What up Uncle Bill?

- Young Eddie ! January 30, 2010

  Answer Hi Young Eddie
Give me a call sometime.

- William C. Raco  January 30, 2010

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Question   Our Wedding
AMAZING job. The pictures that are posted are sooo great and really captured the day. I can't wait to see all of them! Thanks again for everything.

- Kendra & Chris McKee October 13, 2009

  Answer Thank you, Kendra and Chris
I enjoyed being a part of your wedding.
I'll have more photos to post in a day or two.

Best wishes,

-  October 17, 2009

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Question   You are missed at BetterPhoto
I hope all is well with you and your family? I still post a few shots at BP now and then but haven't seen any of your work for awhile now. So to get my Raco fix I browsed this site :0) I notice you do weddings. I did one this spring -- my first in 50 years and it will probably be another 50 years before I do another one. What a hassle. Anyway, I just thought I'd say HEY. Take care!!

- Murry Grigsby June 03, 2009

  Answer Thanks, Murry
It's nice to hear from you.
It's a busy spring and summer here.
I'm sure I'll be posting again come fall.
Wishing you and Pat all the best,


-  June 07, 2009

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Question   Nothing in particular
Hi Bill!

As always, I love looking at your photos! I hope you, Sue & Noah have a wonderful New Year! See you at the plant....

- Jo Snook December 30, 2008

  Answer Thank you, Jo
Wishing you, Tom and Emily all the best
See you next year!

- William C. Raco  December 30, 2008

  Answer I liked your site.

- Rob Miller  June 12, 2009

  Answer Thanks

-  June 12, 2009

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Question   Fantastic Site!
Your images are lovely Bill.... I've always admired your work on betterphoto.com. You continue to get better and better.... I'm very impressed! Take care... Joyce O'Neil

- Joyce ONeil December 13, 2008

  Answer How very kind of you, Joyce
I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year

- William C. Raco  December 30, 2008

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Question   Your work
Enjoyed your work! Nice site....Thanx
- hickspics.net

- james hicks October 12, 2008

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Question   Images
Hi Bill,
Just wanted to let you know I dropped by and spent the evening browsing your gallery. I am so inspired by your work.....I could look at your photos all night! Thank you for the inspiration...I'll keep checking back to see what you come up with next. Have a wonderful Autumn.


- Anna Diederich September 21, 2008

  Answer How very kind of you, Anna
Thank you, and best wishes to you and your family

-  September 24, 2008

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Question   All those lone trees
Hi my friend, Chuck wants to know if the farmers grow lone trees in their fields out there or if you place those trees via photoshop? I told him that some of those shots are the same tree. Am I correct? He says they are really nice images by the way. Becky

- Rebecca L. Cate July 27, 2008

Actually, the farmers often leave a single tree in the fields.
I do have quite a few shots of one particular one, though.
Thanks, Becky

-  July 28, 2008

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Question   In General
Good to see you still clicking the ole shutter. Remember me from the Wep Ap days? Good to see your images again. Regards,
Gary Marshall

- Gary Marshall May 25, 2008

  Answer Hi Gary!
Nice to hear from you.
I was just looking at your post at BP when your comment notice came in.

- William C. Raco  May 25, 2008

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Question   Comment
Your gallery is wonderful Bill. It made my Sunday morning. I grew up in western PA and your photos brought back so many memories. It is such a beautiful place. I was especailly touched by your Mail Pouch Tobacco barn. I remember them from my youth and my grandfather was a Mailpouch chewer! I adored him thus that photo brought both a tear and a smile. Thank you.

-  July 29, 2007

  Answer Thank you, Susan, for such a wonderful comment.
Best wishes,


- William C. Raco  July 29, 2007

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Question   Wonderful
Your gallery is beautiful Bill, you have so many wonderful images, a real treat to browse through.

- Lynne Morris July 06, 2007

  Answer It's so very nice of you to take the time and add a note.
Thank you, Lynne!

- William C. Raco  July 06, 2007

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