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Question   Great Showcase

I have enjoyed viewing your photographs. It is interesting to see that you are adept at capturing the essence of a lot of different subjects.

- Carol H. Rice November 01, 2004

  Answer What a nice compliment!
Thank you, Carol

- William C. Raco  November 01, 2004

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Question   Portfolio Collection
You have a keen eye and a well thought out portfolio for your website. I will enjoy coming back again and again.

- Martha E. Rose November 01, 2004

  Answer How nice of you, Martha!
Please do come back, as often as you like.

- William C. Raco  November 01, 2004

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Question   A Beautiful Collection
William, your collection of photos on this site are wonderful! I was going to submit a comment on the first one then saw that I would be doing it on each and everyone of them. Signing your guest book made it easier for me to say "Each and every one of your photos has a life and beauty of it's own". "Stuning photo's"

- Judy L. Valadao November 01, 2004

  Answer Thank you for the very kind compliments, Judy.
I very much appreciate it.

- William C. Raco  November 01, 2004

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Question   Yo Uncle Bill
Hey Uncle Bill, It's Anthony. I did a google search for my name and found your site. I knew you were into photography but I didn' think you were this into it. Anyway, I like all of your pictures, they are very impressive.

-  October 29, 2004

  Answer Thank you, Anthony.
I do my best ;-)
Say happy birthday to Lizzie for me.

- William C. Raco  October 29, 2004

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Question   Website
I really enjoyed your website! Do you sell prints through the site? Do you get bookings? I am new to photography and Better Photo. Yours is the first website I've seen that was so elaborate. You've won lots of acknowledgements. What kind of camera are you using? I'm trying to determine if it would be worth the investment to have my own Better Photo website.

-  October 27, 2004

  Answer Thank you, Christie.
I'll be glad to answer any questions.
Just send me an email.


- William C. Raco  October 27, 2004

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Question   website
Your site as well as your work is simply amzing - love your work!

- Lee Ann Sahagun - Poling October 19, 2004

  Answer Thank you so very much, Lee Ann!
I really appreciate the kind words.


- William C. Raco  October 20, 2004

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Question   Comment on Your site.....
You have some realy beautiful images on Your site. I realy did enjoy looking on them...one by one...and I get a need to grab my camera...and go out...to shoot...

- Tomislav Ciceli October 13, 2004

  Answer Thank you, Tomislav
Good luck and have fun.

- William C. Raco  October 13, 2004

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Question   Thank you!
I really enjoyed your beautiful photographs. You have a wonderful web site, it is easy to find and the pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing them.

-  October 11, 2004

  Answer Thank you so much, Gretchen.
I very much appreciate you taking the time to look and leave a note.
best wishes to you...


- William C. Raco  October 11, 2004

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Question   Congratulations!
You are a star.
You've run away with this photography thing and I will never catch up.
I love what you've done with your talent.

- Rebecca L. Cate October 11, 2004

  Answer Thank you, Becky.
I don't know that you have any catching up to do.
Just put up a site so we can see your talent!
Best wishes...

- William C. Raco  October 11, 2004

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Question   Bill Raco
I knew You liked to take pictures. But never realize how well you liked the art . Bill they are great In alot of the Photographs there is a sense of how deeply you wre tring to understand your subject not only just take a picture.

good job

-  October 10, 2004

  Answer Thanks Leo.
I'm glad you like them.

- William C. Raco  October 10, 2004

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Question   Wonderul site!
Just took a look at your new gallery!! It's great to see all of your fantastic images in one place : ) Congratulations for taking the BIG step.

-  October 09, 2004

  Answer Thank you, Cathy.
I very much appreciate your time and generous comments.
Best wishes,


- William C. Raco  October 09, 2004

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Question   I'm impressed!
Beautifully put together site, Bill...as always your work is amazing!

- Connie L. Carpenter  September 27, 2004

  Answer Connie,

You are most kind.
Thank you so much for the visit.
Now, let's see your work in a gallery!

- William C. Raco  October 09, 2004

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Question   Scamp
You scamp!! Did not even tell me about your new site!!!
Haven't looked at the photos yet, will drop in again soon.

Thanks for posting the link to my site.
Have a great weekend.

- Ganeshwar Prasad September 24, 2004

  Answer LOL.... thanks G.
I have been wondering how you fared with the hurricanes.
I see you are quite well!

- William C. Raco  September 24, 2004

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Question   Looks Great
Hey Bill great looking site. You have presented your art very well here. As always a great pleasure to look at. I will be keeping an eye out for the new stuff. I will also add a link to you from my homepage. As for me I will keep shooting for a Grand Prize win of the Deluxe....LOL...

- Darren K. Fisher September 22, 2004

  Answer Wow, thank you, Darren!
btw.... I'd say you have a very good chance of winning that grand prize.
You do beautiful work.

- William C. Raco  September 24, 2004

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Question   Congratulations!
Congrats on your new Deluxe Web site to show off all your wonderful work! Always a feast for the eyes. And congrats, too, on your new camera. :-)

- Patricia Marroquin September 19, 2004

  Answer Thank you very much, Patricia.
I appreciate your kindness.

- William C. Raco  September 20, 2004

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Question   photos look great
Very nice work! I like the abstract photos best and would love to see you post more of them. The B/W snow pictures are always cool. The one of the street lined with trees is great... you can "hear" how silent it is that day.

(Vicki's son)

-  September 18, 2004

  Answer Thanks, Adam

I have quite a few more abstracts.
I'll post them soon.
There are always a lot of snow photos, too.
Thanks again!

- William C. Raco  September 19, 2004

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Question   Congratulations!

I love your new photography website. It is an awesome showcase for your exceptional talent. The photographs are just beautiful, and I will look forward to returning many times.

Love, Belle

-  September 18, 2004

  Answer Why thank you, Belle!
I'm really pleased you like it.

- William C. Raco  September 19, 2004

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Question   Congratulations
Congratulations on your new website Bill! What a wonderful collection of work and well presented. I'll be back often! -K

- Kelly Abernathy September 17, 2004

  Answer Gosh, thank you so much, Kelly.
It's always a pleasure to hear from you.
I'm still uploading images, so there should be something new each day for some time yet.

- William C. Raco  September 17, 2004

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Question   The site
Congrats on your new site. I'm a big fan and will post a link to your site from mine. I'll be back to visit often.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher September 16, 2004

  Answer Thanks, Carolyn.
You are welcome any time you like ;-)
I appreciate the link, too.


- William C. Raco  September 16, 2004

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Question   Wonderful Website
This really is a wonderful website!! Congratulations!

- Taylor  September 15, 2004

  Answer Why, thank you very much, Taylor.
I appeciate the visit and the note.

- William C. Raco  September 16, 2004

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